Fun project over the weekend at Calgary’s newest Dermatology Clinic, Moderm YYC. This moss wall was designed freehand using 5 different moss species by Hayden Ewing of Alberta Tropical Plants. Our goal for this project was to instill a calm, relaxing environment for Moderms clientele and staff alike. The dark color of the wall, paired with the adjacent Oak panels, dims the light of the room a touch;  providing a more tranquil and relaxed environment for guests in the waiting area. We are very excited for the team at Moderm YYC on their grand opening, and hope their staff and clients will enjoy this beautiful wall for years to come.

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Brrrr.. The cold weather is settling in.. temporarily, but will surely return. With a minor burst in cold temps today in Calgary, I’m sure a lot of us are dreaming of lush, warmer climates, while sitting in our offices. I know I am! Thankfully, I am surrounded by tropical plants, so I can at least pretend it’s not -10c, dark, gloomy and snowing outside. As for you, I’m not sure you are so fortunate. Aw, that’s too bad :(. Thankfully, we can help with that! Give us a shout and allow us to add a little Caribbean to your day, or Amazon esque perhaps? Make your gloomy winter days a little more bearable, with some office plants straight from the tropics, with Alberta Tropical Plants. 

The Holiday Season is near and with that, comes the cold.. brr! Alberta Tropical Plants installs Christmas Planters! Add some warmth to your buildings interiors or exteriors this holiday season, with beautiful Seasonal Planters.  We also carry Poinsettias in 4″-10″ sizes. Order yours while supplies last.

Alberta Tropical Plants

It’s a proven fact that plants are a healthy addition to any indoor space. People find plants soothing to the eye and help promote a healthy and relaxed environment, perfect for staff and clients alike. Add some life to your office with a profusion of indoor plants from Alberta Tropical Plants Ltd.

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Living Walls are the newest edition to the landscaping industry. With technological advancements over the years, you can now have your very own “self watering” plant wall at your finger tips. From massive full sized walls; to a more, “personal” scale – we have you covered. Not only are Living Walls  and Living Frames incredibly eye catching and an impressive addition to any environment, they also assist in cleaning the air and providing a more relaxed and peaceful environment to your building or office. Recent studies have proven that plants increase happiness and productivity in the office, so  inquire today about having your very own living wall installed!

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